Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

All customers purchasing wine or recipients of wine shipments should be of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol. Gasbarro's Wines makes every effort to ensure that recipients of wine shipments are of legal age.


All online orders are not considered final until confirmed by a Gasbarro's Wines sales representative.  Foreign-issued credit cards are not accepted. All overseas orders must be paid by wire transfer only. We reserve the right to correct all pricing or inventory errors.


We ship wine state and country wide. We discourage wine shipments during the summer months, as warm weather can adversely affect the product. Gasbarro's Wines will hold shipments for customers for a reasonable amount of time until weather conditions allow safe shipping. Order placed after 3 pm EST will ship the following business day. We do not ship on Sundays. 


When wine is received, if you are not satisfied with the conditions of an unopened bottle or bottles, Gasbarro's Wines must be notified within three days of receipt for an exchange or refund to be arranged.  We will not negotiate complaints or disagreements about bottle conditions beyond the three-day period. If a purchase is to be returned, it must be returned unopened. Gasbarro's Wines will not accept returns of opened bottles.

Corked Bottles

Gasbarro's Wines will not refund purchases of corked bottles. The incidence of TCA contamination is unrelated to storage conditions or provenance and is not our responsibility.

Personal Information

We ensure that all information gathered on our website is secure. 


Gasbarro's Wines reserves the right to correct all errors in fact or pricing on both this website and any company printed or digital materials.